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Promote with us mobilities of students from secondary vocational schools.

Join the international students´internships
and show others what your schools is exceptional in.

Contact the schools with experiences in organizing mobilities.


The aim of creating an informal network ECVET II TOUR NETWORK is to promote the acquisition of better knowledge of students in selected parts of school curriculum - "units of learning outcomes".
Completion of this tuition between home but also foreign schools with one another through mobility activities brings added value to students in the form of professional, linguistic, social and cultural level.
Partners who engage in such activity, express their interest in cooperation by signing one declarative document - Memorandum of Understanding.

The Memorandum of Understaning was also the basis for cooperation among schools and partners in the ECVET Tour II project. Declarations about cooperation contained herein tend to be valid from the date of its signature with automatic regular one-year renewal. Each partner has the opportunity to end their acting in this cooperation at any time.

Processed units of learning outcomes annexed to the Memorandum describe typical comprehensive work roles. For the ECVET Tour II project are these the work processes in hotel bussiness and gastronomy, which aim to improve the attractiveness and implementation of the mobility by systematic approach. To their participants, mobilities also provide room for completion of learning unit what their own school doesn´t provide or is providede on better level in foreign school given the available resources for teaching.

Units of learning outcomes, their description in the form of a summary table with time range and tools for successful completion and achievements of these learning units outcomes are processed in order to provide basis for Learning Agreement and their own organization.

Lengths of individual mobility are organizationally linked to the defined description of the unit of learning outcomes. To acknowledge the successful completion and achievements of learning units´ outcomes a acknowledgement is usually prepared for the participant, whether in form of a certificate of mobility completion or Europass etc.

If you are interested in joining the network ECVET Tour II NETWORK, respectively in engaging to the interships of students at a particular school, please contact the project coordinator or contact person at the school - name & contact details can be found in a particular learning unit below.

Learning units developed in the ECVET Tour II project:

Selected reservation and restaurant systems for accommodation establishments

Súkromná stredná odborná škola HOST, Bratislava
Mgr. Soňa Bočáková
+421 903 737 909

Technological process of preparation of milk products

Súkromná stredná odborná škola HOST, Bratislava
Mgr. Soňa Bočáková
+421 903 737 909

Preparation of 3-course menu (regional kitchen): máčanka, sheep cheese dumplings, potato pancakes

Stredná odborná škola, Stará Ľubovňa
Michal Stašenko
+421 910 946 798

Preparation of specialities of the cold kitchen: cheese products, meat products, salads

Stredná odborná škola, Stará Ľubovňa
Michal Stašenko
+421 910 946 798

Preparation of side dishes - various types of dumplings

Střední škola hotelnictví a gastronomie SČMSD, Praha
Mgr. Kateřina Závišková
+420 734 766 267

Accomodation services and reservation systems

Hotelová škola, VOŠ a JŠ s právem státní jazykové zkoušky, Poděbrady
Eva Krátká
+420 607 125 295

Preparation of 3-course menu – cuisine of Krkonoše

Střední odborná škola a Střední odborné učiliště, Trutnov
Martin Procházka
+420 731 456 187