SMC (SMC Studien und Management Center Saalfelden gGmbH) is an independent Point of Learning in the region of Salzburg (decentralised, non-institutional learning center) with access to different universities (for example: Salzburg, Linz, FernUniversität Hagen).

It was founded in 2002 supported by Federal Ministry forEducation, Science and Culture, municipality of Saalfelden, Regional Government of Salzburg and the University of Salzburg.

The center aims to meet regional needs through the creation of programmes to improving the access of disadvantaged persons to further education and training, particularly at post-compulsory level, in regions where training opportunities are scarce.

Particular attention is paid to the development of self-learning and online distance courses, “second chance” schemes and university provision of continuing education and training in cooperation with regional educational centers.

SMC is experienced in European projects since 2001.

Project team:
Wolfgang Schäffner
Barbara Buchsbaum

SMC Studien und Management Center Saalfelden gGmbH
Leogangerstraße 51
5760 Saalfelden

Phone: +436 582 74 916