About the project

The stimulus for the project and partner consortium have been firstly the long term experience with functionning of the VET sector in Slovakia as well as experiences with the quality of services provided in the field of gastronomy, hotel and tourism management.

Situation in Slovak and Czech republic in the field of vocational education focused on gastronomy and hotel management is quite similar - both countries face problems with low mobility of students, insufficient modernisation and incorporation of nonformal and informal ways of learning, lack of flexibility and modularity, insufficient cooperation with the professional sector or low mobility of workforce.

The main aims of the project

The ECVET Tour II project will transfer methodology of ECVET system (European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training), which is the main european tool for supporting the lifelong learning, mobility of students (and teachers as well) in the whole European Union and flexibility of learning pathways.

Project will work with these partial aims:

  • introduction of tools and framework for acceptance and recognition of qualifications for the professions of cook and receptionist
  • modernisation and quality enhancement of the system of VET in the field of gastronomy and hotel managment in Slovakia and the Czech republic
  • development of an environment in which VET institutions in the field of gastronomy and hotel managment will be able to strengthen the cooperation with VET insitutions in other EU member states
  • strengthening the links between VET institutions and employers
  • increase of number of student mobilities while ensuring greater mobility of workforce

The project is planned for two years – till November 2014.

The partner consortium consists of SMC and 3s Research Laboratory (Austrian partners), EDUcentrum  (Czech republic ) and APEL (Slovakia) as coordinator of the project.