EDUcenter is a non-profit organization operating from Central Bohemia, whose aim is to support unconventional and innovative forms of vocational and general education, foster motivation for lifelong learning, increase adaptability and promote active attitude towards further education across various age, social and professional target groups.

Hence the main activities comprise implementation of activational and unconventional methodologies, use of ICT in education, creation of tools for distance and blended learning, creation of materials for trainers and learners, creation of didactic tools to facilitate application of new methodologies or creation of testing and comparative tools for progress evaluation.

Furthermore, the scope of activities includes cooperation with wide range of VET institutions and professional associations.

Project team:
Hana Erlebachová
Zdeňka Havrliková
Michaela MacDonnel

K Lomu 1056
252 29 Dobřichovice
Czech republic

Phone: +420 2102 15 363