Participating schools

Schools participating in the project ECVET Tour II are:
  • two schools from Slovakia
Private secondary vocational school HOST, Bratislava
The school is focused on education in tourism, hotel management, gastronomy, trade, services and ICT.

Secondary vocational school, Stará Lubovňa
The school focuses on education in the fi elds of hotel academy, constructions, gastronomy, carpentry and other services.
  • three schools from the Czech Republic
Secondary school of hotel management and gastronomy SČMSD, Praha
The school offers education in cook-waiter and gastronomy, hotel management, tourism and postsecondary course of business and gastronomy.
Virtual tour on the school premises

Hotel school, higher vocational school of hotel managment and tourism, Poděbrady
The school prepares its students for professions in the hotel and tourism services.
Videos of various school events: video 1, video 2

Secondary vocational school, Trutnov
School educates in the fields of gastronomy and construction.
  • one school from Austria
Tourism Schools Salzburg - Klessheim
Strenght of this school lies in international tourism and education and in urban tourism.