Workpackages of the project

The project is based on close co-operation of partners of the consortium, which will ensure strong professional background and expertise in all relevant areas.
The project activities are distributed into five work packages.

1 Project management
The aim of this work package is to provide the overall project management and the overall co-ordination of activities, financial and technical managment, control and quality assurance.

2 Analysis, methodological preparation of the transfer of innovation process
This workpackage aims to develop a Needs Analysis, based on which it will be possible to create a usable methodology for the transfer of innovations.
Basis of the Needs Analysis is to get the current position and needs of all stakeholders active in the field of gastronomy and management, so at this stage will be organized thematic workshops in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.
With this step, we can identify the specific possibility of introducing ECVET system and its tools into the teaching in secondary vocational schools, as well as in collaboration with schools define core competencies of cook and receptionist graduates.

With this step will be completed the theoretical preparation for the actual process of mobilities, taking into account the specific conditions in schools, effective use of mobilities and much more.

3 Transfer of innovation
Further activities of the project will focus on the process of actual transfer, adaptation and optimalization of created tools and outcomes in methodology. The aim is to modificate them onto the specific conditions of the slovak and czech vocational education. Together in cooperation with participating schools will be created concrete learning units further used in process of student mobilities.

At the same time we plan to prepare a proposal for the allocation of ECVET credit points and also a proposal for validation of prepared learning units.

4 Testing of the transfered ECVET tools
In this step project works with the results of previous workpackages and focuses on pilot testing of created tools in the form of student mobilities.
Mobilities will be held between two slovak and two czech schools - one student from each school - and will last fpr approx. one month. During this period, the verification of generated materials will occur, we will obtain a feedback from students and teachers and the assessment of the mobility and the whole transfer of innovation.
The result will be a document dealing with the effectiveness and importance of the integration of ECVET system and its tools in vocational education.

5 Project dissemination
Throughout the project, it is important to disseminate informations about the existence of the project, its processes, activities and results.